About Us

Welcome to Jargogle, where the fusion of confusion, art, and fashion heralds a new era of positive expression and mental health advocacy. our brand, inspired by the concept of jumbling or confusing, not only captures our personal journey through art and mental health but also symbolizes a broader mission to foster positivity and well-being through our clothing line.
From the outset, art has been a beacon for us, offering a way to navigate and articulate complex emotions. This intimate relationship with art, especially its abstract forms, combined with a journey through mental health challenges, laid the foundation for Jargogle. Our aim is groundbreaking within the clothing industry, intertwining mental health awareness, the therapeutic essence of art, and the narratives of jargogled (confused) experiences to introduce a novel concept in fashion.
We see clothing as more than fabric; it's a canvas for expression, a means to voice innermost thoughts, and a powerful vehicle for raising awareness on crucial societal issues, particularly mental health. Our designs serve as catalysts for dialogue, designed to foster understanding and cultivate a supportive community that recognizes the intricate link between our mental states and our interactions with the world.
Research underscores the role of confusion in our cognitive processes, showing how jargogled thoughts can blur our reality, often linking to mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. Abstract art, capable of expressing these jargogled states without words, acts as a bridge, connecting our inner turmoil with the external world. This connection between abstract art and mental health deeply influences our approach, infusing our designs with meaning and purpose.
Clothing as a Beacon of Positivity and Mental Well-being
Jargogle's philosophy extends clothing beyond its traditional role, envisioning it as a symbol of positive mental health and personal empowerment. Each piece is imbued with stories of resilience, hope, and the journey towards understanding, allowing wearers to showcase their narratives of overcoming confusion and embracing their mental health journey. This transformative approach turns attire into a statement of positivity, encouraging wearers to connect with themselves and others on a profound level.
Wearing Jargogle signifies a commitment to positive mental health and contributes to a larger dialogue aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues. It's an invitation to celebrate the complexities of the human experience, recognizing that within confusion lies the opportunity for growth and clarity.
Jargogle proudly stands at the intersection of abstract art, confusion, and mental health, with a clear mission to not just innovate in the clothing market but to champion themes of positivity and mental well-being. Our garments are more than just clothes; they are messages woven into fabric, advocating for a world where every jargogled thought is acknowledged as a step towards positive mental health.
Join us in redefining fashion as a force for good, where every garment is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and a step towards a more understanding and positive world. Thank you for being part of our movement, where clothing is not just worn but lived, as a symbol of positivity, resilience, and the beauty of the jargogled journey.

About us


Mission Statement

Providing clothing with a minimalistic and relaxed design to allow consumers to wear on relaxed, occasional, spontaneous and suited for everyday use. Delivering quality and standing for equality through unisex designs and fitting and to contribute to the representation of positive mental health and mental health Charities.

Vision Statement

To deliver our dedication to stand for mental health and self-expression through art to spark conversations about the complexities of the mind and its awareness.